Follow these tips to avoid post-workout cravings

You may have noticed that after your workout session, your body demands more calories. Daily workout can increase your appetite as your hormone production and metabolic rate goes up. If you are engaged in physical activities for a prolonged period, even you would have managed to increase your calorie intake unknowingly. Increased calorie intake doesn't mean that you need to stop exercising. All you need to do is make some changes in the way of your workout in a bid to get rid of those post-workout cravings. Here, we share with you a few tips to keep your post-workout hunger in check.

Opt for healthy options: If you find it difficult to reduce your hunger after a workout, it is important to look for healthy options. Fill up your plate with healthy fats and proteins. Eggs could be a good option for you to try.Drink water at regular intervals: It is important to keep drinking water as you workout at regular intervals. This will keep you satiated for long and you will not feel the urge to eat as soon as you finish your exercise.Perform high-intensity training thrice a week: Engage yourself in high-intensity training. It can help you suppress ghrelin (hunger hormone) which slows down your food absorption process. Those who performed high-intensity workout three times/week reduced their calorie intake by 120 calories.Avoid swimming: Swimming is a great way to lose weight, but at the same it increases your appetite significantly. Several studies mention that exercises like walking or running are more effective to reduce your hunger and lose weight.

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