Follow these guidelines before you enjoy your 'Cheat Meal'

Eating your favourite food while on a weight loss plan, often referred to as cheat meals, will be nothing but cheating on your diet. A cheat meal can be defined as a meal that allows you to go off your regimented diet for one meal. It is a meal where you eat foods you have been craving for and to allow yourself a little bit of a break.If you are following a strict weight loss diet, you will know the importance of the 'cheat meal' that you are allowed to indulge in once a week. The decision to include treat meals may vary. Here are some points to incorporate treat meals into your eating plan:

Lose the guilt: Feeling guilty about indulging not only denies the pleasure, but it can also lead to emotionally driven eating, which will result in weight gain and set you up for a bad relationship with food.

Plan your cheat meal: You can go on thinking about your cheat meal the entire week, but ultimately it is best to plan it a day or two prior so you don't go overboard while actually enjoying it.

Do not cheat when you are famished: A lot of people pre-game a cheat meal by punishing themselves on the treadmill and severely restricting calories for days in advance. You're more likely to overeat if you come to the table deprived.

Consider the timing and the quality: Starting a diet plan by incorporating a daily or weekly treat meal can make sense to some. But others might hold off until an initial goal is reached. Pick a meal that still has nutritional value instead of something with empty calories.Work out before you feast Another trick to minimize fat gains from your cheat meal is to deplete your glycogen stores—the sugar in your system that your body burns up for energy.

Be true to yourenergy: It is important to choose food one really enjoys. It can be a burger on a small whole-wheat bun or a piece of candy. Whatever suits you!It is a cheat meal, not a cheat dayRemember, it is a cheat meal; you cannot be bingeing through the day as it will only undo an entire week's hard work.Understand the importance of a cheat mealThe idea of a cheat meal is to help you stay motivated throughout the weight loss period.Whether you call them treats, splurges or something else, we all agree that there are positive aspects of including them in the diet.

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