Factors that can affect your mental health

The percentage of depressed people in our country has increased tremendously. In fact, most people at some point feel worried, stressed or even about things that are going on in their lives. But there are a number of factors in life that can have an impact on our mental health. It varies from person to person according to their ability to handle situations. For one person it could be psychological abuse for another it can be an unhealthy relationship. We've listed a few factors that can either pose a risk to, or protect, your mental health and wellbeing. Smoking :

When you smoke, you take in a variety of toxins, and it may be that many of those toxins contribute to mood problems.

Diet :

Your diet directly affects your physical health, and your physical health can undermine your mental health. Unhealthy choices such as excess processed foods, sweets, and foods with a low nutrient value, then, can all undermine mental health.

Sleep :

If you've ever found yourself on the verge of tears as you struggle to get out of bed after a long night, then you know that your sleep habits affect the way you feel.

Physical health :

Diseases, injuries and other physical problems often contribute to poor mental health and sometimes mental illness.

Abuse :

Physical, sexual, psychological or verbal, abuse can be of any form. Abused children are more likely to experience mental disorders or mental illness during childhood and into adulthood.

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