Enhance your cognition with exercise

Exercising has many benefits, and most of it is affecting on brain functioning. In old people, even short amounts of the workout can increase the cognitive ability. Exercising on a regular basis can enhance the memory and cognitive ability in us. Even a little amount of cycling help your brain work on the places of memory functioning. Though staying fit can affect your cognitive ability, maintaining a good shape can also enhance your cognitive skills. Cognitive skills depend on how much oxygen your brain consumes. As workouts increase the oxygen uptake to your body and brain, they can help in enhancing the cognitive ability. Simple works like home cleaning can help you have good blood circulation which will automatically increase your oxygen flow. Working out helps in improvement of mitochondria which is a source of energy and that is why we feel the difference after working out. According to studies, the heart rate will increase the chances of growing the brain cells in adults. Regular workouts like the treadmill can help you have higher energy when compared to individuals who don't work out. People who stay exercise might stay fit even after 20 years of their life. Later many studies conducted on people showed that people who workout have better brain functioning like memory, problem solving, etc. when compared to people who don't. Hence, fitness is not only helpful for good looks but also for better functioning of the brain.

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