Effortless ways of working smarter

Do you feel that the rest of the world is ahead of you? Although, everyone has 24 hours but some people manage to perform more efficiently than others. We have listed out the reasons for you:

Work the calendar: Assess which meetings are critical and which ones can be delegated or declined at least once a week. Mention your personal commitments into the calendar. Like your vacations with family, date night with girlfriend, and other non work related activities, etc.

Learn to say no: You will realise it over the course of time that burnout tends to hit the best employees and those who promptly accept additional responsibilities. Saying no to those that don't align with your goals will be helpful.

Make a to-do list: It may sound old fashioned but the to-do list can be a work as a lifesaver. Giving a glimpse of what needs to be done, the to-do list helps you script your day in advance. Prioritize the most important ones.

Line up the events based on your energy levels: Figure out your body's peak hours and build tasks based on that. Remember that our productivity depends on our internal clock. Make sure you keep your most important task during the hour when you have the maximum energy in your body.

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