Eating dessert is harming your body more than you expect

While desserts typically appear to be smaller portions, the reality is that certain desserts can have a higher calorie content than a dinner. When the human body reaches their maximum caloric intake, the body begins converting those extra calories to fat. If you are not very active, these fat cells will continue to be stored. And you will end up putting on weight.

Most desserts like cookies, cakes, puddings, and other pastries are usually comprised of flour, sugar, oil, sodium, and other fats. This means that they are very low in nutritional value.

Sugar comes in several forms including but not limited to glucose, high fructose corn syrup, and sucrose. This can lead to increased risk of diabetes, liver damage, tooth decay, heart disease, and cancer.

Because sugar is addictive, you end up feeling anxious and restless. It also increases stress levels and discomfort. Also, sugary foods tend to stick to your teeth, which leads to the build up of various acids and bacteria. That is why we stop children from eating too much chocolates.

We understand that craving is natural and it is not really easy to give up dessert. For starters, you can replace it with healthy options. Keep dark chocolate with you and take a bite everytime you crave sweets.

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