Eat These Fruits If You're Trying to Lose Weight

Is it OK to eat fruit on a diet? The answer to that question can be confusing, depending on the diet you're following. And research shows that the following fruits may actually help with your weight loss.

Tomatoes: Not a vegetable, but another juicy fruit! While tomatoes are a low-calorie, super-healthy choice, the weight loss research on this fruit was actually done with 100% tomato juice.

Watermelon: Low in calories and packed with water, watermelon is naturally a great choice for dieters. But is it satisfying, and can it help you lose weight? Well, a recent study suggests it can.

Blueberries: It has been found that people who consumed blueberries lowered their BMI, lost more body fat, and improved some of their cholesterol levels.

Apple and pears: Both fruits deliver healthy doses of fiber and that alone makes them diet-friendly. But beyond that, there's also scientific research to show that snacking on apples and pears helps with weight loss.

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