Does crash diet really fit into your fitness plan

The dream of having an hourglass figure is no joke in today's world. While yearning to have it as early as possible, we tend to make odd choices in our diet. Cutting your normal diet is necessary, but we forget that replacing it with essential nutrients is important.

Yes, the crash diet can decrease the fats and throw us towards the quick fixes that need to be done to tone your body but we forget that giving your body the sudden shock of crash diet can create withdrawal symptoms where you feel annoyed and exhausted.

Muscle weakness:

During the crash diet, we are mostly focused on excessive muscle breakdown but lose the thought of repairing the muscle in between the breakdowns. Excessive muscle breakdown might lead to heavy muscle fatigue and reverse your metabolism to gain overweight.

Lesser nutrition:

When you are following the crash diet, you habituate your body to consume less nutrition than normal and variably less minerals and essential fats. Hence, the immune system of the body decreases and becomes a home for many diseases.

Decreased body functioning:

When following the crash diet, we take food which can highly affect our heart and bowel. You might have fluctuations in your gut and heart functioning which brings you extra pressure.

Building your body with enough amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fats is much more healthier than just looking thin. Consult your doctor before you choose a proper diet with your workout. Not everything can be achieved with shortcuts. Have some patience and stay healthy, then your fitness follows.

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