Do you know that strength training helps in weight loss?

We have been in a belief that strength training is not actually for losing weight but in reality it can help you with weight loss and proper health. Performing it at least once a week can provide us overall fitness. It provides strength to all our bones and muscles. Along with the age, we start losing muscles, especially women. After 30s women lose weight from the thighs and put on the intramuscular fat. Practicing strength training once a week will decrease the risk of diabetes. With regular practice of strength training, you might be able to lower your dependability on medicines. For women, it can be helpful to reduce pain during their periods.

It can also be helpful in easier labour if you have practiced it before getting pregnant. During your pregnancy, it is better to consult a doctor and plan your training accordingly. It can be useful for people with arthritis, high blood pressure and decreased heart rate. As it increases your oxygen uptake, it can help you fight depression. Points to keep in mind before starting to strength training- You can consult an expert and start your training, if you have never practiced it before. People with obesity, diabetes and women with PCOS can count on strength training as it can highly affect your health and metabolism. Try performing it not more than thrice a week. Do not over pressure you body once and all, try increasing the weights slowly and make sure you take rest in between the sessions. For the post training recovery, you can go for yoga.

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