Discover Why Indoor Plants Make Us Feel Better Part 2

Here's our guide to the top five houseplants that will not only bring a little zen to the home but help you with several other things.

Plants not only can brighten up your surroundings, but they can lift your mood. Employees who work in offices with plants tend to feel better about their jobs, worry less, and take fewer sick days.

Air conditioners can sap humidity indoors, especially in the winter. That can raise your chances of catching a cold or the flu, or make your skin itch. Houseplants add moisture to the air and boost the relative humidity in a bedroom.

Indoor things like carpets, paint, cleaners, printer toners and inks give off pollutants called volatile organic compounds. They can irritate your eyes and skin, worsen your asthma, or make it hard for you to breathe without you even realising it. Houseplants has the ability to soak up VOCs.

This fragrant purple plant has been an important herbal medicine for centuries. It has end number of benefits.

Inhale lavender oil or massage it on your scalp for aromatherapy, boil the leaves for tea. Studies reveal that it may help lower any anxiety.

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