Desserts all the fitness freaks can swear by

Festivals are the time when your entire health regime takes a back seat. While everyone else was gorging on the plethora of sweets, you were sitting in one corner thinking about your diet chart. So here we bring to you a list of delicious desserts that are best alternatives to high calorie sweets.

1. Chocolate date oat balls: This vegan and gluten free energy ball can be one of your healthiest choice during festivals.

2. Dark Chocolate: Packed with tons of antioxidants, these are healthful heaven for chocolate lovers. Along with regulating your hormone levels, dark chocolates can also fulfil your sweet tooth desires. You can combine it with almond butter, greek yogurt or cocoa powder and find several recipe that contains dark chocolate in it.

3. Carrot cake: If you replace sugar with honey for a healthier option, this cake can be a part of your breakfast or lunch.

4. All fruit cake: Since fruits are an undeniable part of a strict diet regime, all fruit cake can be served as your favourite healthy dessert.

5. Whole wheat apple cake: Combining whole wheat with brown sugar, whole milk yogurt, chopped apples, you can come up with a delicious yet healthy snack that you can gulp on at any time of the day.

6. Fruit pops: Satisfy your cravings without damaging your waistline with fresh Mango, Kiwi, and several kinds of berries. Add a little bit of sugar to these frozen fruit treats and you are good to go.

7. Energy bars: You must have had those chocolate covered protein bars to fight off hunger in between your meals. Well, these energy bars also works as a quick and healthy dessert.

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