Cycling can be a great way to improve your Body Image

A lot of people who experience but are not aware about this thing called 'Body Image'. It is the mental representation you have of your body. it reflects the attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions you have about your body and its shape and size. It also reflects how comfortable you feel in it. But being negative about your body can have strong ripple effects on your overall well-being, your state of mind and your behavior. Therefore, it is a good idea to take steps to improve your body image. But remember that you are doing it for yourself and not anyone else. It can be easy to do this with indoor cycling, among other forms of aerobic exercise. When it comes to boosting body satisfaction when you're not pregnant, aerobic exercise can trump resistance training. In a research, it was found that when a group of women did aerobic exercise three times per week for eight weeks, they reported greater improvements. It was shown in their evaluations of their appearance and a more substantial drop in social physique anxiety than those who did strength-training three times per week. There are several ways through which aerobic exercise, especially cycling, can improve your body image. Benefits of cycling: A powerful mood-booster Releases endorphins and other feel-good brain chemicals Incredible way to enhance your sense of self-efficacy You gain aerobic fitness, stamina and muscle strength A generator of power and strength Take these steps to nudge the effects in the direction of greater body appreciation. Here's how: Focus on the positive parts of your body: Make a concerted effort to appreciate your body as an instrument of strength and power right now. Understand how your muscles feel as they push the pedals and how your lungs and heart feel as you exert yourself. Then, note down into the physical changes you experience as you gain strength, speed, stamina, and power in your pedal strokes when you engage in regular indoor cycling sessions. Check out your muscles: You're bound to ​develop curves in certain places as you develop muscle strength in your calves, the fronts and backs of your thighs, your triceps and your glutes. Instead of hesitating about it, appreciate it. It is a badge of fitness and strength!​ Give yourself a break: Take a day off if you feel like. But don't make it a habit. Maybe you didn't get enough sleep the night before or you're just plain tired that day. The underlying reason you're not at your peak performance doesn't matter. Do not compare yourself with others: Instead of comparing yourself with others, think about what you can do now compared to what you could do when you first started indoor cycling. Appreciate the difference! Nurture your body: After an intense indoor cycling session, treat your body to an extra set of feel-good stretches, a date with a foam roller to ease muscle soreness or a massage or luxurious soak in a hot tub. Slather on a decadent moisturizer in a scent you enjoy. Relax and bask in what you've achieved. As far as their body image improvements went, they experienced a boost in their appearance esteem, weight esteem and overall sense of their physical appearance, even if they did not lose any weight.

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