Curve your body with these variations in planks

Complementing the fit body with perfect curves is as amazing as having a coke on the side of your chicken. But most of us don't know the righteous way to do it. Here are a few tips for those who demand curves on their body. Sculpting the structure with exercises like planks can give you a curvy body. Good to hear right! But yes, a bit of next level must be added to your routine planks if you really need the curves.

Side plank lift:

This improves the strength to your arms, wrist and shoulders. It indulges your core strength and builds abs which are quite necessary to fit into a curvy body. It also improves your body balance and concentration.

Plank with hip drop:

This increases the strength in your side waist. This improves the posture and puts the stability in obliques and muscles. This also increases your flexibility.

Twisting v up:

This improves your strength and flexibility in the abdominal muscles. It increases the core strength, body balance and body posture. It flexes your hips and obliques. Giving your body a touch of v shape through thus.

Side plank with leg lift:

This helps in stabilizing your hips, glutes and abs. This increases the strength in hip abductors. Hips and glutes help your body maintain a good posture and hence, keeping a check on them helps in getting good curves.

These planks mentioned above helps in aligning your body with the waist, hips and legs. Normal planks might give you enough strength in the abdominal muscles but variations are helpful in getting a curvy body you desire all the time.

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