Creative At-Home Workouts You Can Try Today

Nothing is worse than doing the same workout day-in, and day-out, with no end in sight. Even if you're in the middle of an intense training, you need to occasionally switch things up. to add some spice to your workout life.

The following workouts have been designed by fitness trainers and experts as exclusive home-based routines. You'll surely be surprised how a new workout can rejuvenate your excitement for staying healthy and fit.

A Tough Bleacher Workout: ​This intense stadium workout requires nothing but your bodyweight and a set of steps. These kinds of workouts that revolve around a set of stairs are a great way to challenge your muscular endurance and cardiovascular strength.

A Workout for Small Spaces: Do not skip your workout if you are in a confined space. A total-body workout routine can complete practically anywhere. It's fast and effective, to-the-point, and all the equipment you need is a sturdy chair.

A Workout When You're Feeling Tight: Consider trying a workout that focuses on self-massage, like this four-move routine focused on self-myofascial release if your muscles and joints are feeling cranky. Even if you don't have special equipment, you don't need to partake in yet another high-intensity workout, You can simply put two tennis balls in a tube sock and tie off the end to create your own self-massage tool. You may be surprised how much your body needs the break.

A Workout You Can Develop Yourself: Simply assign each suit an exercise, set a timer, then draw a card from the deck and do the exercise assigned to the card you drew for the number of repetitions the card represents.

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