Core exercise: Why should strengthen your core muscles

A lot of people want to improve core strength, but feel short on time and unsure of the best exercises to get the job done. It's a very common problem. But many people give up withouteven trying. Core workouts are necessary for building strength and stability. They give the foundation for more advanced workout you may want to add to your program later. Without a solid core routine, weakness and negative changes in body configuration can occur. Core exercises increases muscle strength and stability. Having a strong core helps prevent injuries to the knees, hip joints, and lumbar spine. Core muscle stability is also said to relieve back pain because you are able to maintain proper posture.

Performing a consistent and effective core routine is vital for your health and fitness. Core muscles help to: Stabilize the spinal column Align the body Enhance body movement Improve balance Abdominal muscle definition Improve functional fitness When the core muscles are not exercised on a regular basis, they can become weak, increasing the risk of: Negative changes in body configuration Compressed posterior joints of the lumbar spine Low back pain or discomfort Excessive anterior/posterior leaning of the pelvis Muscle tension The Benefits of Planks Developing a strong core gives a better workout experience. It will round out your fitness program and maintain a good form throughout each movement.

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