Benefits of fermented foods: Boost your health with these superfoods

You might not be aware that fermented foods have been recognized as powerful health foods for our gut for generations and were pillars in many ancient cultures.

If you’ve been consuming a daily probiotic supplement in order to replenish and balance your gut bacteria, you need to know something. By eating a healthy, diverse diet, you can actually get everything you need straight from your food.

Foods like idlis, dosas, dhoklas, wadas, rabadi and kadhi are some of the lactobacillus fermented cereals and legumes that are commonly consumed in India. The fermented foods mainly increase the absorption of vital minerals from gastrointestinal tract, thus preventing mineral deficiencies.

Benefits of fermented foods are plentiful. Listed are just five of the major ones:

Improves Digestion: Eating fermented foods on a regular basis can help you body in many ways. IBS, bloating, irregularity, and other digestion woes can all be your body’s way of letting you know your gut is out of whack.

Weight Loss: If you’re trying to lose weight and get in your best shape, opt fermented foods in your food regime.

Immune System Boost: A healthy, balanced gut keeps us less susceptible to major, chronic disease. You’re able to better fight off minor things like colds and infections when your gut is healthy if you consume it on a daily basis. Studies have shown that fermented foods drastically help to enhance your immune system.

Better Moods: It has been found that our gut health affects our mental health in various ways. If someone you know is dealing with anxiety or depression, recommend them to consume fermented food. They aren’t necessarily a cure-all, but since a healthy gut can definitely help with a healthy brain.

Newborn infants: If a pregnant woman eats probiotic food a month before her delivery, it helps prevent the newborn infant from contracting allergies to some extent. Infants who are five months and older are given probiotic food it helps to build their immunity.

Clearer Skin: Things that you’re seeing on the outside, is a direct reflection of what’s happening on the inside. A thriving gut has been directly linked to improved acne and eczema. Also, it gives a soothing effect to your body which makes your skin clear and beautiful.

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