Beetroot can be your weight loss best friend

There are many weight loss tips that we bring to practice in order to slim down. These methods or diets may work at first, but will not continue to help us in the longer run. If you want to avoid such a situation, start eating healthy food and in the right combination. Eat foods that are rich in fibre, minerals, vitamins and low in fat and calories, and pair them with other foods that complement them. One of such foods is beetroot. The veggie has been hailed as a 'superfood' numerous times over the last few years, and for all the good reasons. Beetroot is jam-packed with nutrients and vitamins, as well as plenty of disease-preventing properties. Eating beetroots can help you lose weight, boost longevity, and prevent chronic diseases. Also known as blood turnips, this red coloured fruit contains vitamin C, folate, and fiber. Having it on a regular basis can boost your mental and physical health. It can potentially enhance your strength, improve digestion, sexual health, and lower blood pressure. If you are looking for food items to improve your brain's cognitive capability, start adding beetroot in your daily diet. Here, we tell you how it helps shed those extra kilos. Increases satiety: Being a good source of fiber, beetroot can make you feel fuller for a longer duration, thus reducing overeating. Improves digestion: Poor digestion has already been linked to weight gain. And, beetroot excites the nerves in the intestines and enhances your body's ability to digest food. Helps in fat loss: Containing high levels of magnesium, beetroot promotes the secretion of testosterone hormone that is known to help in fat tissue loss. Detoxes your body: Increased levels of toxins in the body can cause inflammation, which is already linked to weight gain. Beetroot contains phytonutrients known as betalains, that help in detoxification. Low in calories: One beetroot contains only 35 calories. So, having it can prevent you from going high on calories, one of the known factors to increase weight.

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