Avoid temptations to achieve your weight loss goals

In a recent study it was found that people who make plans to avoid or handle temptations may be more likely to achieve goals. The goals also include weight loss goals, which is important as 5% of our country's population is obese.

There are end number of self-control strategies that people rely on. The use of these strategies can be planned ahead, before a temptation is directly experienced, the researchers said.

Planning self-control ahead of time may be critically involved in achieving long-term goals.

Five self-control strategies:

Response inhibition is when we exert effort to shun the temptation when confronted with it.Situation selection occurs when we intentionally avoid situations and places where temptation is present.

Reappraisal is changing the way one thinks about a temptation to make it seem less appealing.

Situation modification occurs we alter one's situation to minimize the influence of temptation.Distraction is diverting one's attention away from a temptation.

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