Are Grits Healthy for You

Grits are usually made from dent corn. A starchy variety of corn, grits are less sweet than sweet-corn and it becomes smooth creamy grits as it cooks. Grits have satisfying creamy texture and endless adaptability. Looking at grits nutrition, it's hard to classify them as "healthy" or "not healthy."

Grits can be made in simple ways with a pat of butter and a dash of salt or turned into something more elaborate and flavorful.

Grits are a great choice for your breakfast. moderately high in calories and high in carbs. Grits also have a small amount of protein.

Grits have iron that helps your cells produce energy, and it's also important for healthy red blood cells – the ones that circulate oxygen throughout your body and is good especially for menstruating women.

However, some varieties of grits do have nutritional drawbacks. Because they are made with refined grains, it doesn’t have fiber and other essential minerals, unlike healthy whole grains. Refined grains retain the carbs and calories of the whole grain, but they're missing the fiber. Also, if you have blood sugar problems, you probably want to stay away from it.

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