Amazing Health Benefits Of Moong Dal

One of the most recommended vegetarian superfoods, Moong dal is packed with protein and low on carbs.

Light and easy-to-digest, Moong dal is rich in potassium and iron. It not only helps lower blood pressure but also protect against muscle cramping. It also helps protect the body against an irregular heartbeat.

It increases satiety and makes the body feel full after eating. It improves your metabolism rate and therefore contributes to controlling weight.

Moong dal is a nutrient-rich food. Loaded with minerals like potassium, magnesium, iron, copper, folate, fiber, fiber, vitamin B6, and high-quality protein.

It is also rich in B-complex vitamins. Moong dal helps your body breaks carbohydrates down to glucose, and produce usable energy for your body.

In addition to that, the folic acid present in Moong dal helps the body to maintain healthy brain function and in the production of DNA.

Moong dal also contains some amounts of vitamin E, C and K which is something our body needs in moderate amount.

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