Add cloves to your dishes

Containing essential nutrients like fiber, vitamin K, C etc., cloves can help prevent constipation, and strengthen your immune system. They are rich in antioxidants that help in reducing oxidative stress, a factor associated with the development of chronic disease. They contain a compound called eugenol, that is known to have anti-cancer properties. Cloves can also potentially kill off harmful bacteria and improve liver health. Other compounds found in cloves are scientifically proven to keep your blood sugar under control.

People have them when they suffer through stomach ulcer. Cloves have a plethora of other health benefits including weight loss. Want to know how they help in shedding those extra kilos? Read further. Increase metabolism: A good metabolism is an important factor linked to weight loss. And, cloves have antibacterial properties due to which they can potentially help in effective digestion.

Reduce inflammation: Inflammation leads to weight gain. And, cloves, being rich in antioxidants, help in reducing this problem. Decrease blood sugar level: High blood sugar level is a known factor associated with weight gain and cloves help in decreasing its level. Reduce fat: Being rich in anti-lipid properties, cloves can help in reducing the level of fat in the body, thus helping in weight loss.

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