6 Fascinating Types of Grapes

This article is solely for people who love grapes and we know there are many. They are bite-sized, sweet, and super juicy. Coming in an abundance of colors and flavors, they are either dried, eaten fresh or made into juice.

If you are one of this fruit lovers, we would like to give you some extra information on it. Grapes are known as nutrition powerhouse. They are not only packed with vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that plays key roles in immune system health, connective tissue development, and wound healing but they are also an amazing source of vitamin K, which helps with blood clotting and maintaining healthy bones; as well as potassium, which is important for kidney and heart function.

Black Muscat: Bluish-black hue with a pleasant floral aroma, these grapes are versatile and enjoyed fresh as table grapes. They are also used for making several types of wine, including dessert wines and dry red wines.

Concord Grapes: This kind is one of the most common of all times. With a deep bluish-purple hue, this used to make flavorful juices, jellies, and jams.

Dominga Grapes: Another most common type in India is this light green-white in colour. It is sweet, pleasing flavor and has a yellowish skin.

Red Globe grapes: The Red Globe is a variety of very large, seeded red grapes with firm flesh used mainly as a table grape.

Crimson grapes: These are seedless, with a lovely dark pink to light red skin and green flesh. It is a popular snacking grape because of its sweet taste and crisp texture.

Autumn Royal Grapes: These are among the largest seedless grape varieties. They have a rich, sweet taste and firm, crunchy texture, which makes them a popular table grape.

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