5 Vital Health Benefits of Tej Patta (Bay Leaf)

Not only does it impart strong flavour to dishes, but also ensures delivering certain health benefits. This culinary herb makes for an integral part of the Indian cuisine, thanks to its distinctive flavour and fragrance.

Bay leaves are effective for settling an upset stomach and soothe irritable bowel syndrome. In addition to that, bay leaves contain organic compounds which aid digestion and cures gastric problems.

The oil extracted from these leaves help in curing respiratory problems if applied on the chest. Therefore, bay leaves are commonly used in aromatherapy, which includes herbal treatments of skin and respiratory problems.

Organic compounds found in bay leaves have the properties of preventing mutation of cancerous cells in the body due to its anti-oxidizing nature.

They also help in reducing the level of stress hormones in the body as it has the ability to detoxify the blood.

It eliminates the bad cholesterol and thereby helps in proper functioning of the cardiovascular system.

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