5 Signs You Need to Talk to a Therapist

Firstly, you don’t have to be deep in trauma to need someone to talk to. Although, there are times when it might seem obvious that an appointment with a therapist would be the right thing to do, there are other, more subtle moments, when it might benefit you as well.

Your energy is super low: If you feel that your energy is low for a very long time, then there is certainly an issue. Apathy. Listlessness. An inability to concentrate. These are all signs that you might be depressed

You’re self-medicating: Maybe a little glass of wine with dinner turns into the whole bottle. Or you can’t seem to get through the day without a little something. If you’re relying on something to help mask uncomfortable feelings.

Your sleep is off: All you want to do is sleep — and you can’t get out of bed. Or all you want to do is sleep — but you’re riddled with insomnia. In either case, when your body is clearly out of its normal rhythm, take note.

Your body is telling you it’s not happy: And it’s not just sleep. With stomach aches, headaches and persistent fatigue, your body is talking to you.

Your worries know no bounds: If you’re overwhelmed by your own worries, if you’ve been dwelling on the negative, ruminating or have been battling intrusive or obsessive thoughts, you might need help managing those thoughts.

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