5 Portion Size Mistakes That Are Easy to Avoid

Is your portion size the reason that you are not able to lose weight? It definitely might be one of the reasons. But what is 'portion control' — it means eating just the right amount of each food and it starts with an understanding of serving sizes.

When you're cooking, it's tempting to sample the foods, but it's better to wait until the meal is served. But you need to stop nibbling on your food while you cook.

Instead of eating from a container, bag, or serving dish, put your food on a plate rather than eating out of the container, bag, or serving dish so that you control the portion size and analyse how much you ate.

Avoid putting extra food on the dining table so that you don't take extra serving and limit yourself to one plate.

Share your food. If you are eating out with a group of colleagues, friends or family, share your food. It will not only save you money but also those excess calories.

Drink a glass of water if you feel very hungry and expect to eat more than you should. This will reduce your appetite for a small period of time and you will end up eating less food and will stick to your dietReach out to our nutritionist to learn more about how you can lose weight by working on portion size of your daily meal.

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