5 Mind-Blowing Facts About Yoga Everyone Should Know

1. Yoga isn't just a fitness trend:

The tradition of yoga dates back nearly 5,000 years to the time of pre-Vedic Indian traditions. Yoga helps you remove those mental blocks by boosting your problem-solving abilities. Yoga cultivates, you boost your reasoning power to help you make better decisions.

2. How you act on the mat is how you act in real life :

They say that your yoga mat is a dress rehearsal for real life. The mat is a mirror for how we will handle both negative and positive experiences in our lives.

3. Flexibility is of the mind not the body :

Yoga is a breathing practice. Breathe is powerful in aiding flexibility. Once we start performing yoga, we understand how important and critical it is. Yogis are maven of the breath, they treat it like the fine and rare treasure it is.

4. It’s 24/7 practice :

You don’t choose yoga. It chooses you. Because yoga is solely connected to breathe, true yogis practice yoga every second of the day.

5. Kindness :

Most of the time we observe that a person who performs yoga are calm, composed, happy and kind. This can be one measurement by which you could know if a person is actually performing Yoga.

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