5 Foods To Cut From Your Diet

One thing we always tell you is that eating healthy and being fit doesn't have to be a chore. There are very simple changes to make that will help you feel better once you're eating better. Eliminate these foods from your diet and get a strong start right now:

White bread: There are a number of reasons that we suggest to not consume white bread. It is bad for digestion as it converts into sugar once eaten. It has a very low nutritional value since it lacks the bran and germ from grain and is made of highly processed refined flour. Swap out white bread for a healthier option, like whole grain or whole wheat breads.

Gluten-free processed foods: Common in today’s world, gluten-free food is popular for those who call themselves "gluten-free". Although people try to eliminate gluten, they are now replacing it with worse options. Gluten-free processed foods tend to have very high levels of sugar and refined grains which means they have little to no nutritional value.

Processed white potatoes: Potatoes, if not eaten in its original form are unhealthy and fattening. They have high calorie counts and are often eaten in high quantities. Everytime potatoes are fried or mashed with lots of butter and salt, they lose their nutritional value. Eliminate processed white potatoes whenever possible.

Processed meats: All processed foods are bad for health and should be cut from your diet. Processed meats are fairly high on the list as they are high in sodium. Also, because the meats have been processed, they contain chemical compounds that can be harmful to your body.

Baked foods: These foods look absolutely scrumptious, but they are not helping your diet. Many are made with high levels of refined flour, sugar, and added fats. They can also be loaded with preservatives.

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