3 neglected natural remedies for lower back pain

Sedentary lifestyle is the reason why a lot of people experience persistent pain in their lower back. We tend to sit in our seats for continuous 8 hours at our workplace. Not only that, even while commuting, eating dinner, watching our favourite show late at night, all we do is sit.Here are a few ways that can help you to deal with lower back pain:

Get enough sleep: Sleeping for at least eight hours at night in a good posture will help you get rid of your back pain. Restorative sleep is needed as it recharge energy levels and heal our body's tissues.

Release your Endorphins: These natural hormones that are made in your body helps the body to block pain signals from registering into your brain. Endorphins also help alleviate anxiety and depression which closely associated with chronic back pain. Massage therapy, meditation and aerobic exercises releases endorphins.

Engage your brain with other tasks: The way your brain interprets and processes pain plays an important role in how you perceive the pain.

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