3 Habits of mentally strong people

Mentally strong people aren't just born with the mental muscles they need to face their fears, combat self-doubt, and take positive action. They learned the skills that help them manage their thoughts, feelings, and behavior through dedicated practice. They engage in regular exercises that help them be the strongest versions of themselves. These exercises aren't all that strenuous - but they do require consistency.

Practice gratitude: Rather than think they deserve better, mentally strong people recognize that they have more than they deserve. They're thankful for anything - from the clean water they drink to the friends who show them compassion. Their gratitude helps them feel and do their best.

Engage in self-care: Some people believe taking care of yourself is a sign of fragility. They think eight hours of sleep is for the weak, and relaxing on the beach is for the lazy. But mentally strong people recognize that they have to recharge their batteries if they want to be their best. They also know that fun and play aren't enemies of success - they're hallmarks of a good life.

Set goals: Mentally strong people don't skate through life passively. Whether they want to learn a new language or set a fitness goal, they constantly challenge themselves to learn new things and reach new levels of achievement. Challenging themselves to reach new goals gives them ample opportunities to sharpen their skills. Even if they don't succeed, they're able to learn from the process.

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