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About Us

Teal was created with a sole intention of making fitness and wellness available to every corner of the country at the most affordable price.


Fitness For All

Teal focuses on helping people be fit, whether it be weight loss, weight gain or mere muscle toning. We aid this recommending simple changes to ones daily routine, like following simple exercise videos, taking stairs, walking 3 kms etc

Health For All

Teal has specific goals to help fix or evade chronic medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension etc. We do this, with a combination of workouts, right nutrition, meditation and lifestyle changes

Home Nurse Examining Patient
Morning Meditation

Mindfullness For All

Teal aims to increase the awareness around the importance of mental health and at the same time help people fix it by the means of breathing exercises and meditations, for all moods and concerns, from anxiety to sleep issues. 

On a mission to help
Women from developing naitons get access to wellness

the demographic, with the lowest adoption to health and fitness practices

Teal isn't a app that is a rip off of some western app. The app has been created keeping the interests of women at heart. Features like family workouts, one family one nutrition plan are few examples, of we made the app to suit women from developing nations.

Blue and Gold Sari

While our competition is busy making The Fit, Fitter, we are focusing on those our competition ignored. The unaware, older adults, kids. Teal focuses exclusively on such individuals, because, for us, it is more than a business, it is a way to make the world stronger, fitter and healthier.   Teal features an exclusive section for Kid’s workouts and meditations, to help them stay stronger and fitter, when it matters the most.