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What We Do

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Weight loss, Weight gain or Muscle Toning may have been a chore before, but not anymore. With Teal, fitness gets as easy as it can be.

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Improve Medical Conditions

Specific workout, nutrition and lifestyle plans have been created to help better manage medical conditions like diabetes, BP etc.

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Gain Immunity & General Health

Teal is not just for those aiming to lose weight or manage their medical condition., but also for those who want to improve their health.


Why People Love Teal

Teal makes being healthy as simple as it can be. Teal features a daily health and wellness checklist, personalized for each person, based on their goals, medical conditions, and lifestyle. The checklist features a list of activities like a workout for the day, recipes for the day, meditation for the day, among others, that one should perform to lead a healthy
and happy life.

Transform Your Body, Mind & Life

Teal uses a holistic approach to improve one's health. A mere focus on the body, without mind, is incomplete just as it is incomplete if the focus is on both, yet not on the lifestyle. Teal's program is intelligently created in a way to help transform oneself, by following simple lifestyle-hacking steps


What Our Users Are Saying


Helped Control My Diabetes and High BP

I have struggled with eating right owing to my diabetes condition, but with Teal, it is so easy. I look at the recipes recommended for my condition & the workouts and I am rest assured, my diabetes is under control.


Vikram Patel

Sales Manager at Ebaco


What Makes Us Different

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Live Workouts, Cooking Sessions and Meditation

Join live sessions with your family and friends or with people that share similar goals. Each session will no more than 15 members

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1-1 Consultation with Fitness Expert, Nutritionists and Psychologists

Book a video call with a nutritionists, fitness expert or psychologist, to get a hyper-personalised plan

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Automated & Affordable Daily Workout, Nutrition
& Meditation Plans

At just ₹900 per year, get smart workout, nutrition and mindfullness plans. The plans are auto-generated to help you reach your goals in the most convenient way possible.

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Find Your Support Group

Speak to hundred of thousands of people who share your goals. Join a comprehensive social media for wellness. Share your story, ask questions, learn from other's experience and more

Achieve your goals in the most comfortable way possible

Making Dreams Come True

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